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Mama Dragun is the online alias of American transgender makeup artist and beauty guru Nikita Dragun (also known as Nyc Dragun). She is considered a youth icon for transgender people for being open about her transition from male to female. Her YouTube channel, which has gathered over 854k subscribers, consists primarily of makeup tutorials, vlogs, challenges, and inspirational videos about her transition. According to her, following her transition, she realized the kind of bias women have to go through on a regular basis, which has made her a feminist as well, apart from an LGBT activist. She has also appeared as a model for the company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In September 2017, she announced her first ever collaboration with a brand and unveiled her line of three wigs – Saphira, Khaleesi and Cassie – from Bellami Hair. Famous YouTuber, Loren Gray, has shared her fondness for Nikita on Instagram.

Quick Facts About Nikita Dragun

Gender: Transgender
Birthday: January 31, 1996
Nationality: American
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Age: 22 Years
Also Known As: Nikita Dragun, Nyc Dragun
Born In: Springfield, Virginia
Famous As: Transgender Makeup Artist & Beauty Guru
Height: 1.53 M
Siblings: Allegrah Capri Nguyen (Sister), Taliah Nguyen Marriott (Sister), Vincarlo Nguyen (Brother)
City, States, Provinces & Districts: Virginia

Rise to Stardom

Mama Dragun started out on the image sharing platform Instagram, in which she had a very controlled image. As an avid YouTube viewer, she thought she could be a YouTuber as well, and brought her controlled image to that platform. In the early days, she never talked about her sexuality as she thought her followers would realize her transition. However, as that was not the case, she felt it necessary to come out publicly as transgender. She finally posted the emotional and confessional video 'I am transgender’ on December 28, 2015, which instantaneously went viral.
Growing up in Virginia, she had never met a transgender person before, but she started to receive helpful advice from people all over the world after opening up on YouTube, which convinced her about the power of the platform. In mid-2015, as she started to gain popularity as a YouTuber, she moved to Los Angeles, where she met with more people from the LGBT community and began to feel more comfortable about her own transition. She decided to be real on her YouTube channel and help others by documenting her journey. As a result, she shared her hormone replacement therapy, going under the knife to change her body, and even showed people staples being pulled out of her skull.

Transition Story of Nikita Dragun

As a child, Mama Dragun liked playing with dolls and used to dress up prettily. Her mother first noticed that something was not right with her when, during her first physical education class, she lined up with the girls instead of the boys, and insisted on wearing shorts with side-cuts. As early as when she was only eight, she had started saving money for her transition after watching a documentary about transgender people. By the end of high school, she was so androgynous that she was "at the absolute peak of being gay". Due to LGBT issues being considered a taboo, she initially thought herself to be gay, and realized that she is a woman trapped into a man’s body only after growing up. After it became awkward for her to use the men's toilet, she decided on her transition, but was afraid about her conservative background. However, her parents were very supportive about her decision.

Controversies & Scandals Revolving Nikita Dragun

In February 2017, Mama Dragun received backlash after appearing in the ad campaign for Jeffree Star's Androgyny makeup line, which featured her alongside other LGBT models. In her Instagram profile, she posted a picture of herself from the ad campaign, in which her face appeared significantly darker than she normally looks. This created an uproar in the internet community against Jeffree Star, who had previously been accused of being racist. Critics asked why he could not hire an African-American model and instead decided to blackface an Asian model. She tried to defend herself in the wake of the controversy stating that being half-Mexican and half-Asian, her skin gets naturally very dark when she tans. In a later interview she expressed her disappointment over the controversy and stated that the campaign was "intended to welcome all gender identities, sexualities, and races to enjoy the makeup line".

Before And After Becoming Trans

Though Nikita Dragun was raised as a boy bearing the name ‘Nicholas’, she always knew from a young age that she was drawn to the feminine gender. At his very first physical education class, the young Nicholas joined the girls’ line and insisted on putting on shorts with side-cuts. He equally loved sneaking out some of his mother’s makeup and experimenting with them. At age 8, he came across a documentary about transgender people and that birthed the idea of making the life-changing transition.
However, Nikita Dragun had no role models while growing up as she never met anybody who was transgender in her home state of Virginia. In addition to this was the fact that LGBT issues were barely in the public discourse and therefore she grew up with everyone believing she was gay. Eventually, after graduating from high school, the youngster mustered the confidence to broach the topic to her parents. Though initially shocked, her highly conservative parents gave her as much support as she required throughout her journey.

Boyfriend, Who is she Dating?

Though she has always been utterly explicit about her private life, this aspect of Nikita Dragun’s life has strangely remained vague. In the course of her dynamic journey to social media stardom, the YouTube star has fronted a number of men as her lovers, however, none has ever been authenticated.
Though she may be single at the moment, Nikita Dragun is known to have dated Oscar Utierre, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer. Their relationship began before she made her gender transition and it lasted through several years after, however, it was well kept from the eye of the public. Their romance was actually made known to the public after it had already ended when Utierre got featured in one of Dragun’s vlogs titled “EX BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKEUP!.”

Personal Life

Mama Dragun was born on January 31, 1996 in Springfield, Virginia. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is Mexican. She has two sisters – Allegrah Nguyen Capri and Taliah Nguyen Marriott – and a brother named Vincarlo Nguyen. She was trained as a male singer in school, but now intends to train again to rediscover her voice after her transition. She joined a four-year course at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles in 2014. She has two dragon tattoos on her chest and her back, and a writing in Arabic on her wrist that means 'dragon'. She has often tagged people as boyfriend in her social media posts, but according to some sources they are not her actual boyfriends.