Big Boss Season 12 Episode 50 [24th November 2018] - Watch Live Day 69

Big Boss Season 12 Episode 50 [24th November 2018] - Watch Live Day 69

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Telecast Date: 24th November 2018
Distributed by: Colors TV & Voot

Big Boss Season 12 Episode 49 [23rd November 2018] - Last Episode Summary

Romil and Surbhi nominated Megha for being rude to Deepak and she accepted it and went to the jail. Surbhi next targeted Jasleen and said that she is over dramatic. This made Jasleen upset. Dipika was also upset with Surbhi’s decision and she also said that Surbhi should stop bragging about being unbiased because even she plays mind games. Read More..

Big Boss Season 12 Episode 50 [24th November 2018] - Episode Summary

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12, Salman takes Megha Dhade and Deepak Thakur's class for their misbehaviour in the house. While Deepak gets questioned for his 'chaal-chalan' remark, Megha Dhade gets reprimanded for throwing a slipper on Deepak. The Bollywood superstar then talks to Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakar about their friendship which has now turned sour. This gives opportunity to Surbhi Rana to claim that Dipika always favours Sreesanth over others in the house. Dipika tries to justify herself but Surbhi seems to have a counter-argument for everything. Meanwhile, contestants also accuse Romil Chaudhary of being a bad captain in the house and put a black spray on his cut-out.

10:06 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman shares that four people are still in danger and he will announce the evicted contestant the next day

09:59 PM (IST), Nov 24

Several popular actors come dressed as the contestants, and act like them

Surbhi Jyoti is seen in the kitchen as Dipika and cries over the fact that she could not make round dosa for bhai Sreesanth (Pearl V Puri). Pearl causes laughter with his act as he talks to the BB cameras that he wants to leave the house as he doesn't like the dosa.
09:56 PM (IST), Nov 24

Somi feels sad that Salman called her weak in the game. Megha makes up to Jasleen for calling her brainless and dumb.

09:55 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman tells the contestants he will announce the evicted contestant tomorrow

Megha is seen soaked in foam. Megha calls Jasleen dumb and brainless girl. Jasleen accepts that she should have not sent her. Megha lashes out at her.
09:44 PM (IST), Nov 24

Megha Dhade goes to the torture room due to majority votes

Salman mocks Megha for calling BB house a torture room. Foam is sprayed on Megha from a machine. Salman talks about the nominated contestants and announces that Deepak, Dipika and Karanvir are safe.
09:39 PM (IST), Nov 24

Somi begins to cry and Romil consoles her. Both Megha and Deepak apologise to each other.

09:38 PM (IST), Nov 24

Caller of the week asks Megha Dhade why she called Rohit a servant. He also accuses her of lowering the standards of the game.

Megha speaks against Deepak for irritating her to no end. Salman tells her that's the game. Megha realises her mistake.
09:33 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman asks Jasleen and Megha Dhade how they landed in jail

Surbhi is asked why she sent Jasleen to the jail. The former accuses her of unnecessary drama in the house. Salman tells her then she should have sent Somi to the jail as well as she is the one who interferes in other people's matter. Surbhi confesses eventually she saved Somi due to their friendship.
09:28 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman asks Jasleen if she remembers Anup Jalota

This is due to something said by Jasleen against Rohit which she pretends to forget. Rohit talks about the red team, and shares that KV asked him to play for his team. Rohit says Dipika doesn't trust them.
09:24 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman tells Megha that her acts are making her lose her reputation

Salman asks Megha not to throw slippers or spit in the house to gain attention. He shares that Deepak's words were not so offensive and she should not commit any wrong because of him. Megha regrets her act, and Salman reminds her that she is nominated for eviction directly next week.
09:20 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman tells Megha that she looks frustrated in the game

Salman calls out her actions, and tells her she looks frustrated in the game as she is unable to make her place in the game. Salman calls it a failure on his part.
09:18 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman scolds Deepak for his behaviour and accusing Megha for his loose character

Salman shifts focus to Deepak and tells him he should control his behaviour inside the house, something he would have done even in his village. Salman reprimands him for using 'chaal-chalan' word for Megha Dhade, accusing her of loose character. Deepak apologises to him. Salman asks him to stop being irritating in the game.
09:15 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman asks Romil why Somi did not give her seat to anyone

Romil tries to explain but Salman is not convinced. Salman asks Dipika if she heard Somi trying to offer her seat to anyone. She tells him she did not. Salaman tells Somi to consider what issue he is trying to address here.
09:10 PM (IST), Nov 24

Surbhi puts forth her point of view, and feels Dipika favours Sreesanth over others

Dipika explains that she looks at the situation before trying to discuss anything with someone. KV is not satisfied with her explanation, as he feels she would have not waited for anything, had she considered him a friend.
09:08 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman talks about the drift in Karanvir and Dipika's friendship

Karanvir leaves it up to Dipika to explain this. Dipika shares that she favoured Sreesanth over Karanvir as she wanted to return to the safe zone. Salman tells her it seems she doesn't trust KV. Dipika agrees. KV asks her to approach him if she has any issues with him.
09:04 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman says this week it felt that some contestants are on steroids and some were just resting

Salman asks them not to laugh out loud at their antics. Romil Chaudhary is targeted by Salman for taking captaincy for granted.
09:03 PM (IST), Nov 24

Salman Khan welcomes the viewers and gives a recap of the week

He tells that Sreesanth talked about the 'slapgate controversy' with Harbhajan Singh. Surbbhi is no more a part of the happy club. Salman adds that Megha was out of control in the house throughout the week. He shares the names of the nominated contestants - KVB, Deepak, Srishty, Megha, Jasleen and Dipika.
08:52 PM (IST), Nov 24

This Weekend Ka Vaar will also see an elimination, which will make the contestants anxious.

08:42 PM (IST), Nov 24

Megha Dhade is sent to the torture room for being "sabse bada gunhegaar" this week

People who are Left in the Big Boss Season 12 Episode 50 [24th November 2018]

  • Deepak Thakur
  • Rohit Suchanti (Wild Card Entry)
  • Megha Dhade (Wild Card Entry)
  • Surbhi Rana
  • Karanvir Bohra
  • Dipika Kakar Ibrahim
  • Jasleen Matharu
  • Srishty Rode
  • Sree Santh
  • Somi Khan
  • Romil Chaudhary

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