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Varun Vagish - Indian Travel Vlogger, Mountain Trekker

Rated one of the best travel YouTuber in India by DD News & Tripoto. A National awardee travel vlogger/blogger/writer having experience of more than 15 years in promotion of travel & tourism. Worked with The Times of India group, All India Radio, Government of India, etc. Founder of India's fastest growing travel (exclusively Travel) YouTube channel: MountainTrekker, blog: TouristHelpline.com, Facebook: TouristHelpline
Varun Vagish Russian Trip
Varun Vagish
Varun Vagish is the man behind famous YouTube channel Mountain Trekker. He has been uploading videos for a long time. Now his channel Mountain Trekker has got more than 200000 subscribers and soon going to hit half a million.
His videos are mainly traveling vlog videos. He travels hitchhiking from one place to another. His Russian travel videos are very popular.
An avid traveller, Varun has travelled extensively across India and only recently started exploring places abroad."Only recently did I start exploring countries outside of India and realise how incredible the world is!" His advice on managing finances? "I travel with locals, stay with them and eat whatever to survive. Fourteen years ago, I travelled 800km in three days from Delhi to Pabbar Valley in Himachal for just ₹200. In September 2017, I visited the Siberian region of Russia for 15 days for only ₹5,000!" Varun makes travel videos in Hindi to reach out to the common man and spread the message that travelling is not a costly affair. One of his favourite countries to visit is Pakistan. "I got a lot of positivity about India and Indians there. People should learn the best things from different cultures to make our world a better place to live."

Varun Vagish Wiki

Varun Vagish originally from Delhi now working in a government job in Kolkata. He is a friendly guy who loves to travel solo. His trip to Himachal with his TATA nano even came to news limelight. He has traveled more than dozens of countries in this 2-year span of time.
According to Mr. Varun Vagish, "Being a rear wheel drive car, Tata Nano was a mobile powerhouse while climbing the steep inclines of the highest mountain passes. Lowest turning radius also helped me to easily manoeuvre the vehicle on sharp curves. It just took 30 minutes to climb the last 16 kilometres stretch from North-Pulu to Khardung-la, World’s Highest Motorable Pass. In the plains, it was driven more than 800 kms in a day at few instances. During the whole journey, I felt immense respect for the whole team of Tata Motors who conceptualised and shaped this beautiful vehicle."