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Mad Men Cast: Images, Real Names and Roles in Mad Men

Mad Men is an amazing show to watch in your leisure time. Mad Men writer and creator Mathew Weiner had made debut in the show business with an amazing piece of art. 7 Seasons of the show had been aired and the final season was aired in the year 2015. I would definitely suggest you watch the show if you like American history. The Show features an advertising agency setup in the 1960s and the life of an outstanding Creative Director Name Donald Draper. Here i am listing the cast of the Show "Mad Men" and their role in the series.

Mad Men Cast

Jon Hamm as Don Draper
Don Draper is the main lead of the Series Mad Men, Jon Hamm has done an excellent job portraying the character of a Mysterious Advertising Man of the 1960's who eventually made it to the top at an Advertising Agency Called "Sterling Cooper". The Mad Men is completely focused on this famous and excellent Creative Director. 
Don Draper Mad Men
Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway
Joan Holloway is the head of all the secretaries and also a friend to each and every one of them. She allegedly had an affair with the "Roger Sterling" owner of the Advertising Firm. She is also an interesting character to watch as she depicts the things a woman has to do get ahead in the world of men.
Joan Holloway Mad Men
Source: amc.com
January Jones as Betty Draper
January Jones is an award-winning actress and wonderfully played the role of the Don Draper's wife in the Mad Men. She plays the role of "Betty Draper" who is a mother to two children and most often in the show she also refers Don Draper as a child as he is always causing trouble for her.
Betty Draper Mad Men
Source: amc.com
Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson
Peggy Olson is introduced in the pilot episode of the show as a secretary to the Don Draper played by Jon Hamm but when Don Draper sees her talent in copyrighting she is promoted but in the meantime, some things occur in her personal life.
Peggy Olson Mad Men

Vincent Kartheiser as Peter Campbell
Peter Campbell played by Vincent Kartheiser is an account executive working in the firm "Sterling Cooper". He aspires to be someone like Don Draper and always tries to match his expectations but in the end, nothing really works out for him. In the First Season Peter Campbell have a one nighter with the new Girl Peggy Olson and He also gets married in the first season.
Peter Campbell Mad Men
John Slattery as Roger Sterling
John Slattery is one great actor and seeing him playing the role of "Roger Sterling" is a feast to the eyes of us binge-watchers. Roger Sterling a the Owner of the Advertising Company "Sterling Cooper". 
Roger Sterling Mad Men
Allison Brie as Trudy Campbell
Allison Brie plays the role of "Trudy Campbell", the wife of Peter Campbell. Trudy marries Peter in the Season One of the Mad Men.
Trudy Campbell Mad Men
Robert Morse as Bert Cooper
Bertram Cooper and Roger Sterling together founded the company "Sterling Cooper". The Role of Bert Cooper is beautifully played by Robert Morse. 
Bert Cooper Mad Men
Rich Sommer as Harry Crane
Rich Sommer portrays the Role of Harry Crane a member of the Don Draper Advertising Team. He regularly struggles to get noticed by his colleagues and eventually succeeds.
Harry Crane Mad Men

Aaron Staton as Ken Cosgrove
Ken Cosgrove is also a part of the advertising team at Sterling Cooper Company. Ken Cosgrove Role is portrayed by Aaron Staton wonderfully. Ken Cosgrove has a unique charming personality and he is a ladies man. He shocks everyone when he gets himself published in the local magazine in the First Season of Mad Men
Ken Cosgrove Mad Men
Micheal Gladis as Paul Kinsey
Paul Kinsey an important member of the cast for Mad Men is portrayed by the Micheal Gladis.
Paul Kinsey Mad Men

Bryan Batt as Salvatore Romano
Bryan Batt portrays the role of Salvatore Romano in Mad Men a gay art director and designer who gets hit on by every client of Sterling Cooper.
Salvatore Romano Mad Men