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Amit Bhadana Biography, Age Income, Background, Lifestyle

Amit Bhadana Biography

This guy lives up to his name "Amit" in Hindi means "infinite" or "boundless" and I can proudly say that Amit Bhadana is the man that has no limits.  His desi style and funny taglines have won the heart of millions of users worldwide. Amit Bhadana is one of the most popular YouTuber currently in India. In January his channel gained approximately 85,000 Subscribers in one day and for three consecutive days his channel "Amit Bhadana" topped the youtube trending channels worldwide by gaining most subscribers in one day, leaving huge channels like "Tseries", "DudePerfect" on 2nd and 3rd positions. Famous Youtuber: Amit Bhadana's one of the most famous tagline,
"Master Bhi Keh De Ise Na Padhana, Naam Hai Iska Amit Bhadana"
The most amazing thing about him is that in his videos he brings forth the reality of one's life while dealing with problems and situations in his own funny way. Amit Bhadana videos are basically targetted towards leaving a social message to their users and touching them emotionally. Amit Bhadana is not just another youtube viners making comedy videos but his aim is to put forth the various social taboos and boundaries set by the society, in his own charming way.

Begining of Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is a Delhite born in Johripur Village belonging to Gujjar Community, who secretly started to make videos without the consent of his family but seeing his fame and following his family accepted his work. His very first movie was a dubbed video of the famous song by Adele "Hello" to Facebook seeing the response he got on Facebook, Amit Bhadana joined youtube and has been ruling over the hearts of people ever since. His desi style became popular among local delhites, which encouraged Amit to make more videos targeting his Gujjar community by putting their dialogues, their way of life and Haryanvi songs in his videos. When Amit Bhadana first started making videos he was very influenced by Famous Hollywood Singers and tried to replicate their work in his own way which lead to his success but after sometime Amit thought that his videos and his social influence can be more than a way to make people laugh after which All of Amit's videos were each carrying a social message reaching each and everyone of its viewers.
Amit Bhadana currently has more than 6 Million youtube subscribers and almost every monday he releases a new video on his youtube and within a matter of hours that video can be found in the top trending section of youtube. In Begining of the year 2018, Amit Bhadana's youtube channel became the first channel to gain almost 85k subscribers in a day and was ranked top on youtube trending channels for 3 days for gaining most subscribers daily. Check out the image below for detailed statistics.
Amit Bhadana Socialblade

Amit Bhadana's Social Influence

Amit Bhadana's career as a successful Viner began from facebook and no his Facebook page "TheAmitBhadana" has a fan following of approx. 5.5 Million i.e 5,507,454 people to be accurate.

Amit Bhadana Facebook Page:

After gaining fame on facebook Amit joined youtube in the year 2012 but uploaded his first video in 2016 and since then rise of Amit Bhadana began, his youtube channel currently have 6.1 Million subscriber and a total of 363,348,138 Video Views. If you ever go to the description of his channel you will find his motivation behind his success saying "Trying to make people smile".

His most-watched video Name: Types Of People in a Bus - Amit Bhadana which has  25,572,173 views.
Amit Bhadana YouTube Channel:
Amit Bhadana also has an Instagram and Twitter account having 794k Followers on Instagram and 33.7k Followers on Twitter. Amit is very active on all of his social accounts, posting pics and videos of his daily ventures, spreading his message via memes and inspirational quotes all to his followers.

Amit Bhadana Instagram Account:
Amit Bhadana Twitter Account:
Amit Bhadana in Newspaper

Biography of Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is a simple guy who loves making people laugh and a hardworking guy who does what he plans. Amit Bhadana finds peace in his work and truly believes that hard work can achieve anything. Amit Bhadana is a guy find different and unique ways to do things.
Amit Bhadana's thought on critics: He thinks that everyone has a point of view and everyone has a right to speak. Everyone gets criticized but that doesn't mean we are wrong we think work for those who likes and loves us, in hope of making those critics on of them.
Check complete biography of Amit Bhadana below:
Real Name: Amit Bhadana
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 65 Kg Eye
Color: Black Hair
Color: Black
Date of Birth: 7 September 1994
Relationship Status: Single
Character: Funny, Down to Earth Guy
Birth Place: Faridabad, India
Favorite Rapper: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar
Specializes In: Acting and Funny Lines
Educational Qualification: Law Graduate College, Delhi University
Source of Income: Youtube and Events (Around $10,000 Daily from youtube)

Top 5 Most Watched Amit Bhadana's YouTube Videos

Types Of People in a Bus - ALAG ALAG TARAH KE LOG MILTE HAIN HUMEIN BUS MEIN, YEH VIDEO UNI LOGO KE LIYE :) Share Kardo Apne Dosto Ke Sath. Views: 25M Behan Bhai Ki School Life - Behan Bhai Ki School Ki Kahani, Apne Bhai Behano Ke Sath Share Karein :) Views: 23M School Ke Wo Din - Boards Chalre Hain, Kuch Time Baad School Bhi Khatam Ho Jaayega, Yeh Video School Ke STUDENTS Ke Liye Dedicated Hain :) Views: 22M Dastaan - E - Dhokha - DOUBLE TROUBLE Views: 17M Berozgari - Ye Video Berozgaro Ke Liye. Apne Apne Berozgar Dosto Ke Sath Share Karde :) Views: 16M

What People Think About Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana on youtube

In the End, I would say that Mr. Amit Bhadana is a guy who is trying to change people and their thoughts with his videos with only one aim of making India Laugh. This line is for Amit "Tu cheez la jawaab, Tera koi na jawaab". All the best for Future!!
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